Tools To Help Your Clients Find Their Consumer Base

27 December 2017
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Any type of sales based company works based on customer interest and consumer loyalty in order to operate. As a consultant, it is up to you to help guide new businesses and companies find their niche in the market. This cannot happen without research. As a research consultant, you can offer several methods for your clients to hone down on their proper customer base in their city or state. Here are three ways that you can use web tools to find the right people to market a business to. 

Invest in or find market surveys

You and the client will need to invest in good market research in order to determine who the business will do well with and why. There are many surveys on the market that can offer insight into any populations statistics, such as income, amount of children, house value, and personal desires. if there are no surveys that directly relate to those who your customer should market to, putting together their own market survey is a good idea. This can be done online via volunteers by offering a small token of appreciation. This can be cash or it can be a product for the customer to try. Having this information will be imperative to developing a marketing plan. 

Use GIS maps to find the right area

GIS smart mapping is the way to go when looking at marketing in a particular neighborhood. GIS map development can help to keep track of and hone down on the perfect houses, streets, and neighborhood areas to market to. GIS software has the ability to map out neighborhoods down to homes and streets and allow you and the client to filter them due to information about the space. When sending out mailers and marketing via newspapers, billboards, and other forms of multimedia, you and the client will better be able to spend money with the help of the smart maps. 

Outline and track the growth of similar businesses 

FIguring out the growth of your own business may be better when you have something to compare it to. As the consultant, research businesses that are similar. Track the growth of businesses that operate in the area and find out their profit margin by taking a look at their old quarterly reports. Determine where and who they marketed to in order to figure out which pieces of the market tended to respond to their business. Tracking the growth of the competition can give your client reasonable expectations and understanding of what is an up and down part of the market. 

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