Are You Considering Work Counselors For Your Moody Staff? Know The Benefits

30 January 2018
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If you have been looking into getting a work counseling program going because you have so many employees that have several complains and HR can't keep up with the appointments, this can benefit your company in many ways. The counseling program professionals can help your staff members on personal levels, as well as help them become better employees with less stress and worry. Here are some of the reasons why you want to entertain having this option for the employees to make appointments throughout the day.

Reduce Healthcare Demands

When you can keep people happy in the workplace, they will be less likely to go to see a medical professional for depression or anxiety out of work. Since you provide the employees with health care, then removing these appointments and monthly prescription co-pays and costs can save you big. Checking into a rehab facility or getting monthly counseling treatment outside of the office could cost you thousands per employee that does it.

Improve Employee Moral

If your employees are able to talk with counseling professionals at work about their concerns and work related issues, studies show the employees:

  • Miss fewer days from work
  • Work more productively and increase productivity
  • Are less likely to quit which causes high turnover rates
  • Are less likely to get into interoffice quarrels

You want to have happy employees that feel safe in their workplace and that are ready to work hard with the team when they show up at the office.

Hiring Incentive

This is a great hiring incentive that you can market when you are trying to hire in people for new positions and you want to get high quality employees. Some people may want to come work for you just because you provide your staff with this type of help throughout the workday.

You will want to screen a few different counseling companies to see which workplace counseling programs offer the lowest prices, which company and counselors have the best references, and what company will be the best option for your team of staff and office. You can offer a lot of great services to your staff over time, and this is a service that can change someone's life, and that can make a difference with how your office functions and gets along. Set a budget, find the right professionals, and move along with the hiring process right away to start reaping the benefits.