3 Benefits Of Naltrexone For Chronic Pain And Conditions

10 March 2021
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Suffering from chronic pain or diseases can greatly affect a person's life. In recent years, however, the field of functional medicine has sought to bring relief to people who struggle with a wide range of conditions. Functional medicine works by identifying the root cause of the pain and determining if environmental or other underlying factors are contributing to the condition. One method used by functional medicine providers is a low-dose medication called Naltrexone. Originally intended as a way to battle the effects of drug and alcohol addiction, Naltrexone is now prescribed for the treatment of a variety of chronic conditions. Here are 3 benefits of using Naltrexone for tackling chronic pain and diseases.

1) Naltrexone can help to reduce inflammation

Many chronic conditions are exacerbated by painful inflammation in the skin, muscles, or internal organs. While inflammation is the body's natural means of protecting against infection, healthy tissues can also be overtaken by this response and cause autoimmune diseases, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Naltrexone can provide a solution by inhibiting those inflammatory markers and easing the effects that inflammation often creates. The medicine promotes the increase of endorphins within the body, which ultimately assists in regulating the immune system and reducing inflammation. People who are looking for comfort from inflammation may find relief with a low-dose regimen of Naltrexone.

2) Naltrexone can improve the body's overall immune system function 

Another result of some chronic conditions is an overactive immune system. Since the body constantly needs to fight off attacking cells, the immune system is forced to work significantly harder. It creates inflammation to shield normal tissues from infection. Unfortunately, this can increase flare-ups and other symptoms as well. To combat these problems, Naltrexone helps to manage the immune response by sending endorphins throughout the body and calming the inflammatory effects. Over time, the immune system is able to better function within the body and foster an overall feeling of well-being.

3) Naltrexone can encourage wound healing

In addition to easing pain, Naltrexone can also be utilized to heal wounds in many situations. By boosting the body's ability to release endorphins and reduce inflammation, Naltrexone can accelerate wound recovery. This is particularly beneficial for people who frequently develop chronic wounds. For instance, a patient with diabetes may be at higher risk of sustaining a foot ulcer that won't go away. Naltrexone can help repair the lingering wound by supporting an improved immune function. As a result, Naltrexone is a good choice for patients that need a reasonable treatment for long-lasting and chronic wounds. 

These advantages of using Naltrexone as a functional medicine tool can help people dealing with chronic disease or pain. That said, everyone has a unique set of needs, so it's important for the patient to check with a doctor before starting a low-dose Naltrexone treatment plan.

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