How To Make An OSHA Training Program More Effective

2 June 2021
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To meet OSHA requirements, you will need to make sure that your employees participate in training sessions. However, if you are concerned about whether your training sessions are effective enough, there are several ways you can improve your training sessions.

Have Students Take an Introductory Test

Hand out true or false questions to get a sense of what your employees already know. It's important for your employees to know that this is a pre-test and that there will be no consequences for not knowing the answer. To put together a great test, make sure to know which requirements apply to your business.

It's important to make your training as targeted as possible to make sure that the training is on the material that your class needs to focus on the most. You might be able to eliminate entire portions of the training if you discover that they are not relevant to your workplace. Eliminating unnecessary sections can also make your training shorter and easier to remember.

Break Up Lessons

While it might be tempting to have one long lesson with the goal of getting it over with, several short lessons will be easier to remember, and an OSHA safety training consultant may be able to create topics that you can organize the lessons around.

Make the Training Fun

Employees are more likely to participate in training when they are having fun. For example, you could turn your training into a game where employees who get the right answers win prizes. An OSHA consultant can help you put together a training program that will be as effective as possible.

Tell Stories

A consultant might be able to provide you with anecdotes of individuals who didn't follow OSHA guidelines and ended up becoming injured as a result. These stories can allow you to reinforce the training and lessons so that they are more memorable. You will also be better able to connect with your audience emotionally.


A single OSHA training program is not enough. You will need to make safety a part of your culture so that it is taken seriously. You will also want your employees to know that you take their safety seriously. You will need to take a hard look at your organization and the negative practices that are leading to your company filing to adopt habits that will make your workplace safer. A consultant might help your company reform its culture.

For more information about OSHA training, contact a local training consultant.