Why Do Construction Workers Need OSHA Training?

27 December 2021
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Construction is a massive industry that boasts over 7 million employees in the US alone. These workers have numerous responsibilities, ranging from preparing the construction site and loading or offloading materials to assisting contractors like electricians and mixing, pouring, and leveling concrete. However, before hiring, understand that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires construction workers to be trained for at least 10 hours. Some of the reasons training is vital for these types of workers are outlined below.

1. Optimized safety

Construction sites are associated with many safety risks related to working at elevated heights, dealing with moving objects and machinery, handling noisy equipment, working with electricity, slips, trips, and falls. Although accidents are often unpredictable and unintentional, training can help construction workers mitigate them. The reason is, a trained employee is more likely to use tools and machinery such as cranes and trucks properly and conduct themselves properly, ensuring they don't injure themselves or their colleagues. That is more so when the individual is new to the construction industry and isn't aware of the risks and ways of boosting safety.

2. Increased productivity

Most construction practitioners and researchers consider labor productivity in the industry less than ideal. According to them, there's room for improvement in most sectors, including single-family residential construction, multi-family residential construction, and highway, street, and bridge construction. However, many players in the industry don't know that they can improve productivity by training their workers. Working with trained construction workers positively impacts productivity because it facilitates streamlining projects and activities. Plus, qualified employees are more adept at thinking critically and making better decisions, which pushes the project forward faster.  

3. Reduced errors

Many errors can derail or slow down a construction project. These include failure to control concrete materials, batch and mix correctly, and a lack of preparation before concreting. Plus, untrained construction workers often neglect safety measures, communicate poorly and fail to lay the foundation as required. All this compromises the project's outcome quality. That is why reputable experts and project owners opt for a rework whenever a significant error is detected.  If you are a contractor, ensuring your workers are trained and fully prepared goes a long way in helping you avoid such costly scenarios.

4. Attract more clients

Although it may seem obvious, a construction company with trained and certified employees will likely attract more clients. The reason is that prospects and other people consider construction workers with adequate training more capable of collaborating and communicating effectively and avoiding mistakes or disputes that may cause lengthy delays. Plus, trained employees understand and execute complicated instructions quickly and efficiently. For more information, contact a company that provides construction OSHA training services