Improve The Quality Of Your Printed Circuit Boards With Software Analysis

28 June 2023
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If your company relies on printed circuit boards as part of its operation, ensuring the quality of your product is of course of paramount importance. If you want to end up with as high of a yield as possible, you can turn to programs that offer software analysis in order to predict future reliability in your designs. Here's why you should use a program that offers PCB Sherlock analysis to improve the quality of your products.

Figure Out Potential Weak Points Before Building

A PCB analysis program can go over your design for signs of potential issues before you start putting the build together. Any potential weak points that might lead to the breakdown of the board over time will be highlighted. Your designers or engineers can then make adjustments as needed to eliminate future problems. By analyzing the design before the build begins, you can avoid wasting time developing something only to find out too late that it's not up to your standards.

Boost Specific Performance Metrics

Do you need to build a PCB for a specific purpose that needs to hit a clear benchmark or performance metric? Perhaps you need a PCB with high-end thermal management or a PCB that only draws so much power. With the right analysis software, you can get an overview of how adjustments you make to the board affect different metrics and you can focus on doing whatever is necessary to boost one or two metrics in particular.

Extend the Lifespan of the PCB

By ensuring every PCB you create has solid thermal management to reduce wear and tear from heat, you can extend the lifespan of each board. This should lead to happier customers who will remain loyal to your business in the long run because they will know that you produce quality products.

Reduce Expenses During the Build

By figuring out potential flaws and fixing them while still in the design stage, you can avoid wasting materials or resources for creating PCBs. Your software may also tell you how to make the PCB as efficient as possible using fewer materials, once again saving you money.

Reduce Expenses Later

PCB analysis software doesn't just save you money during the development process, it can also save you money later on. You'll have fewer defective boards coming back from customers for returns and fewer replacements to send out to placate these customers. Contact a provider of PCB Sherlock analysis software today to discuss your needs.