The Array of Services Offered by a Trained Private Investigator: An Overview

28 August 2023
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After completing a comprehensive training program, private investigators possess a versatile skill set that can be utilized across a variety of services. These services cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals in need of personal assistance to corporations seeking professional investigations. Here is a look into the different services provided by a trained private investigator.

1. Surveillance

One of the most common services offered by private investigators is surveillance. This involves discreetly monitoring an individual's activities to gather evidence for a case. It could be used for infidelity investigations, workers' compensation cases, child custody disputes, or any situation where it's crucial to understand someone's actions and whereabouts.

2. Background Checks

Private investigators conduct comprehensive background checks for personal or professional purposes. They can verify a person's employment history, educational credentials, criminal record, financial stability, and more. This service is invaluable for employers, landlords, or individuals entering into personal or business relationships.

3. Fraud and Theft Investigations

Trained private investigators are skilled in investigating fraud and theft cases. They use their expertise to gather evidence, identify suspects, and uncover scams. This service is often sought by businesses victimized by employee theft, insurance companies dealing with fraudulent claims, or individuals who suspect they are victims of fraud.

4. Missing Persons Searches

Private investigators offer their services to locate missing persons. Whether it's a runaway teenager, a long-lost family member, or a debtor who has disappeared, private investigators use their resources and investigative skills to track down the individual.

5. Corporate Investigations

Private investigators provide a range of services tailored to corporate clients. These include conducting due diligence for potential business partnerships, investigating internal theft or fraud, uncovering industrial espionage, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

6. Legal Support

Private investigators often work alongside lawyers, providing valuable support in legal cases. They can help gather evidence, locate witnesses, serve legal documents, and carry out asset searches. Their investigative skills can prove crucial in building a strong legal case.

7. Cyber Investigations

With the rise of digital technology, cyber investigations have become a significant part of a private investigator's portfolio. They can investigate instances of cybercrime, recover lost or stolen data, identify online harassment or stalking, and provide advice on cybersecurity measures.

8. Personal Protection

Some private investigators offer personal protection services, particularly if they have a background in security or law enforcement. They may provide protective services for individuals who feel threatened, are at risk of violence, or have specific security needs.

When contemplating the hiring of a private investigator, it is vital to select a skilled professional who has received extensive training and holds a reputable status within the industry. With the right investigator by your side, you can navigate complex situations with confidence, knowing you have an expert on your team.

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